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Featured 12 May 10 best foundations for dark skin

10 best foundations for dark skin

Finding a foundation that you love is often the holy grail of make-up buying. It can take a long time to find the perfect shade and finish for you, but for years, this was even harder for those of us with dark skin.

Often brands would only offer two or three dark shades, which were supposed to cater to Asian, mixed heritage, Middle Eastern and black skin tones all at the same time.

When companies did offer dark shades, they would often be too orange, too red or look ashy, flat and muddy on the skin, neglecting the diverse range of undertones that foundations should cater to. The old excuse given major brands was that they didn't believe that there was a large or affluent enough market in the UK to warrant developing foundation shades for all.

Many major companies still don’t offer enough shades, but in 2017, Rihanna revealed her make-up line, Fenty Beauty, with diversity at the very heart of the brand. It launched its first foundation with an inclusive range of 50 shades, causing what's known as "the Fenty effect", forcing the industry to face its own failures in diversity.

The black pound and dollar helped the brand make $72m and proved that there was a hungry and underrepresented market for foundation for dark skin tones.

The last few years has seen an explosion in diversity and choice with other brands jumping on the diversity bandwagon.

We have looked for the very best when it comes to finish – whether you love glowy or matte skin.

We also tested different formulas such as powder, liquid or stick foundations, as well as how the foundation feels on the skin. Here are our favourites.

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This new foundation is Bobbi Brown’s first ever liquid to powder foundation, which self-sets for a soft matte finish. The weightless formula feels great when applied and wears nicely. Despite being infused with 15 per cent powders, it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry and cakey, which makes it a great option for people who usually stay away from matte formulas for this very reason. It gave a natural and polished look to the skin, feeling comfortable and lasting all day long. Available in 28 shades.

This new lightweight foundation gives 16 hours of fade resistant wear with a whisper light texture. The neutral undertone of the foundation gave the skin a soft glow without looking too orange or red. Raspberry, apple and watermelon extracts also help to improve skin smoothness. This is great for a natural fresh dewy finish. Available in 33 shades.

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